Ghodalagi Besha


From Odhan Sasthi to Basanta Panchami in the months of Margasira and Pousha.

The month of Marghasira are the cooler parts of the year. Thus during the period from Margasira Sukla Sasthi tithi (the 6th day of the bright fortnight in Margasira) to Magha Sukla Panchami tithi (the 5th day of the bright fortnight in Magha i.e. Basanta Panchami), deities wear winter clothes. The entire body barring His face is covered with velvet clothes. shri Jagannath Mandir, Thyagraj Nagar, New Delhi.

Jai Jagannath

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Radha Damodar Astakam ?

नमामीश्वरं सच्चिदानन्दरूपं,लसत्कुण्डलं गोकुले भ्राजमानम्। यशोदाभियोलूखलाधावमानं,परामृष्टमत्यं ततो द्रुत्य गोप्या।।१।। रुदन्तं मुहुर्नेत्रयुग्मं मृजन्तं,कराम्भोज-युग्मेन सातंकनेत्रम्। मुहुःश्वासकम्प – त्रिरेखाप्रकण्ठ –स्थित ग्रैव-दामोदरं भक्तिबद्धम्।।२।। इतीदृक् स्वलीलाभिरानन्द कुण्डे,स्वघोषं निमज्जन्तमाख्यापयन्तम्। तदीयेशितज्ञेषु भक्तैर्जितत्वं,पुनः प्रेमतस्तं

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This venue is three-walled open area roof top place in our premises, ideal good for any cultural program, conference, meetings, marriage , dance classes etc. It has a wooden Spacious stage with black curtain backdrop ..  We can modify the arrangements, or we can do the new set up as per your choices. 
Size : 2520  Square Feet 
Capacity : 300 – 350 ( approx)

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