Rudra Avishek / Jala Abhishek

When different hurdles come in life , disputes differences among the members of the family have improer pleasants of planets in one,s horoscope , despite making sincere efforts to get rid of the same. There is belief that by conducting Rudra Abhishek / Jala Abhishek , one can get blessings of Lord Mahadev for removal of Grahadosha, hurdles and bringing success in life. Read More

Vehicle puja

It is our belief that we get the blessing of Lord Vishwakarma  offering puja to Him when a new vehicle is purchased. The Pooja is conducted to get rid of all obstacles for obtaining the new vehicle . Read More

Nabagraha Puja

Our present life is the reflection in the previous life. It is brief that in order to … rulling the bad effect of prarabdha karma, Navgraha Pooja is conducted fro improving the present karma and not acquiring the bad effects of future karma. Read More

Chandi Pooja

Chandi Pooja is conducted to bring peace and good familiar relation in the family and also in the society. Read More

Hanuman Chalisha Path

Lord Hanuman is the Shankatmochan of all hurdles and obstacles. Through Hanuman Chalisha Path the blessing of Lord Rama is also acquired . Read More

Tulsi Puja

In order to bring purity in thoughts , action in the environment , Tulsi Puja is conducted . Read More


Hawans are conducted for good results in family and .. ….in the society by invoking , Gods of fire , water, wealth etc. For the betterment of family , environment and …….of the society. It is also conducted to ward of whom an epidemic the corona virus occurs. Read More

Satyanarayan Puja / Namkaran

This Pooja / Mela is conducted for the welfare of a newborn and his / her long life and prosperity in life being free from diseases. Read More

Anna Prasana

The Annaprashana also known as Annaprashana vidhi, Annaprasan or Anna-prasanam or Anna Prashashan, is a Hindu ritual that marks an infant’s first intake of food other than milk. The term annaprashan literally means “food feeding” or “eating of food.  The ceremony is usually arranged in consultation with our Pandit Ji , who arranges an auspicious date on which to conduct this special puja. Read More


Whom a good wish (mannat / Manasika ) is fulfilled as a sort of gratitude to one,s personal God / Goddess , Mundam Ceremony is offered.  Scarification of hair (shaving of head ) of the child / person used to offer to the Holy name. Read More

Mela Puja ( Shani Mela / Trinath Mela)

Conducting Mela ( Trinath / Shani Mela) is a very old rituals performed to bring peace and harmony in one,s life. Shani is one of the most important planets in astrology.This special Puja effects good and positive energy on a person,s life. All ill and miserable time in life used to pass on along with your worries . Read More


We are grateful to our ancestors due to whom we are holding our life. As a matter of gratitude to them Shradha Ceremony is conducted as per specific Tithi. Read More

Sunderkand Path

We are grateful to our ancestors due to whom we are holding our life. As a matter of gratitude to them Shradha Ceremony is conducted as per specific Tithi. Read More

Marriage Ceremony / Jayamala

In this Mandir all arrangements  are made for conducting marriage ceremonies in the hustle  free manner to the utmost satisfaction of the parties concerned. Read More

Gruhapravesh Puja

On behalf of the Mandir a Pandit ji is deputed to conduct such Pooja inside house outside the Mandir. Read More

Brata upanayan , Paita / Thread Ceremony

This sort of poojas can be performed inside the Mandir or outside asper the choice of the devotees / Jajman. Read More