The Parton Member should believe in Lord Shri Jagannath and should volunteer to serve Him selflessly and conditionally

I understand that for becoming the PATRON (Life- time Membership of the Mandir Society) being entitled of being a Member of Advisory Committee , with the right of voting and contesting in the election participation in election, decision making etc. I ,ve to pay One time payment of Rs. 5,00,000/- (Rupees five Lakh) only .However I will still try to the best of my capacity to financially support the Mandir .

The Patron is entitled to avail accommodation of one A.C room in the dharmshala of the Mandir for his / Family member / friend to stay for seven days without charges in a year. However in order to avail this seva, the Parton is required to express his / her intention at least one month before.

The Patron will also be entitled to be provided accommodation in AC room on 50% discount of the charge, if room  accommodation is additionally required beyond seven days in a year, all Halls and Subhadra Kala Mandap of the Mandir for bonafide use. The Patron is entitled to seva of Special Puja for self or for family once in a year. He / She is also entitled to a Certificate and a Momemnto in honour of his/ her contribution.


Pratham Sewak (Gajapati of Temple)

Pt. Shri Surya Narayan Rathsharma

Mr. Satyabrata Tripathy
(Kuna Bhai)

Mr. Kisanlal Agarwal

Mrs. Manjulata Mandal

Prof. G K Rath

Dr. Akshya Kumar Bisoi

Mr. Anubhav Mohanty