Discover the Divine Splendor of Shri Jagannath Mandir in Delhi

Shri Jagannath Mandir, located in Thyagraj Nagar, New Delhi, stands as a beacon of cultural and spiritual heritage. As Delhi’s oldest Jagannath temple, it holds a significant place in the hearts of devotees and visitors. For those wondering, “Jagannath Mandir kahan hai?” or “Where is Jagannath Mandir?”—the answer is simple. This magnificent temple is in Thyagraj Nagar, New Delhi, and stands as a testament to the rich cultural and spiritual legacy of Odisha.

The temple welcomes devotees of Lord Jagannath, irrespective of their background, to seek blessings and participate in various cultural and philanthropic activities. Managed by the Shri Jagannath Mandir and Odisha Arts & Cultural Centre, the temple promotes the rich cultural heritage of Odisha through events, workshops, and charitable activities.

Objectives of Shri Jagannath Mandir

The primary objectives of the Shri Jagannath Mandir society include:

  • Promoting social, cultural, and educational advancement.
  • Supporting the less privileged and deprived sections of society.
  • Organizing cultural events to promote Odisha’s arts and culture.
  • Conducting health check-up camps and blood donation drives.
  • Hosting workshops for children to foster moral and spiritual development.

Architectural Grandeur

The temple’s architecture is inspired by the traditional Odisha style, resembling the iconic Shri Mandir in Puri. Key features include the Simhadwar, a grand entrance with 22 steps leading to the Mukhashala, and the Garbhagriha housing the Chaturdha Deities—Shri Jagannath, Shri Balabhadra, Maa Subhadara, and Shri Sudarshan.

Other deities such as Lord Shiva, Navagraha, Lord Hanuman, Maa Bimala, and Maa Laxmi are enshrined in smaller temples within the complex. A majestic marble pillar, Aruna Stambha, stands in front of the Mukhashala, a traditional point of reverence for devotees.

Facilities and Services

Dharamshala: The temple complex includes 18 rooms with modern amenities for pilgrims and visitors, particularly those undergoing treatment at AIIMS.

Prasad Hall: The temple has two large halls and one smaller hall to serve Anna Prasad to around 500 people at a time. These halls are also available for social and family events such as weddings, receptions, and birthday parties.

Anna Prasad: Daily, the temple serves Prasad to 300-400 people, prepared without using onion and garlic. The menu includes traditional Odia dishes and sweets, and any leftovers are distributed to the needy.

Cultural Activities

The temple is a hub for cultural events, providing a platform for artists to showcase classical dance forms like Odissi and folk dances like Chhau and Sambalpuri. These events, held throughout the year, foster a deep appreciation for Odisha’s cultural heritage and promote national and universal brotherhood.

Subhadra Kala Mandap: The newly built auditorium hosts cultural programs and is available for external organizations to organize their events.

Library: The temple also boasts a well-developed library with a vast collection of religious books, serving as a resource for reference and research.

Charitable Activities

Shri Jagannath Mandir is committed to charitable work, including weekly health check-up camps, blood donation drives, and Narayan Seva—a free meal service for underprivileged children. The temple also provides relief materials during natural disasters.


The temple’s activities are overseen by a dedicated Working Committee led by prominent figures like Sh. Dilip Ray, former Union Minister of Coal & Mines, and other esteemed members. Their collective efforts ensure the smooth functioning of the temple and the success of its various initiatives.

For those wondering, “Jagannath Mandir kahan hai?”—the answer is simple. This magnificent temple is located in Thyagraj Nagar, New Delhi, and stands as a testament to the rich cultural and spiritual legacy of Odisha. Visit Shri Jagannath Mandir to experience a harmonious blend of devotion, culture, and community service.

Location :- 

Shri Jagannath Marg, Thyagraj Nagar, Thyagraj Stadium, Near Safdarjung Bus Terminal, New Delhi – 110003

Entry gate for Jagannath Mandir at Jagannath Marg in front of Tyagraj Stadium Gate No-1.

For Pedestal Entry Gate – 1 , Tyagraj Nagar Residential Colony (GPRA)

For Vehicle Entry use Gate – 2 , Tyagraj Nagar Residential Colony (GPRA)

For more details, please visit Shri Jagannath Mandir Delhi.

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