WANDERLAND ODISHA is an effort to present Odisha, the largely undiscovered yet charming state, in a visually pleasing manner. In this travelogue series, we feature the locations, culture, heritage, cuisine and other facets of the Odia life. If you are a WANDERLUST, we invite you to savour the beauty of Odisha with us. Enjoy the promo!


CHILIKA LAKE is one of the largest brackish water lagoons in the world and the largest coastal lagoon in India. This is a picturesque destination and nicely fits into a short duration and small budget. It promises an experience quite different from a regular one. It combines a romantic tour with a lot of ecology, a bit of religion and a touch of cultural heritage. Hope, you enjoy this episode.


PIPILI APPLIQUE WORKS has its hub at Pipili town, less than an hour's drive away from the capital Bhubaneswar. Despite being a prominent contributor handicrafts, Odisha's handicrafts are hardly talked about. We take you to Pipili town and show you the exotic Applique works, which are bound to enthrall you.


RAGHURAJPUR in Odisha is a HERITAGE CRAFTS VILLAGE. This village looks like a huge canvas spread across its houses. It is famous for its iconic PATTA CHITRA, STONE CARVINGS, PALM LEAF ENGRAVINGS, COW DUNG TOYS AND GOTIPUA DANCE. We take you to this village and give you a glimpse of the unique tradition that it carries forward.


GOTIPUA DANCE of Raghurajpur, Odisha is one of the traditional folk dance forms of India. This is also widely considered to have been an origin of the Odissi dance form. This dance is performed by boys. According to legends this dance form originated in the sixteenth century when the numbers of the female dancers in the Jagannath Temple, the Devadasis, went down. In this episode we present a recital by the dancers.

This venue is three-walled open area roof top place in our premises, ideal good for any cultural program, conference, meetings, marriage , dance classes etc. It has a wooden Spacious stage with black curtain backdrop ..  We can modify the arrangements, or we can do the new set up as per your choices. 
Size : 2520  Square Feet 
Capacity : 300 – 350 ( approx)

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