Welcome to Shri Jagannath Mandir, Thyagraj Nagar, New Delhi. This is centrally located in front of Thyagraj Nagar indoor stadium just one K.M, away from INA Metro Station, adjacent to Safdarjung Bus Terminal and Lodi Colony Ring Railway station. You are a devotee of Lord Jagannath, you love Him and seek His blessings. You have no spare time to visit Puri for His Darshan, You may belong to any caste, creed, sex, community, religion- wheresoever may be your place of birth, whatsoever be your language and whatsoever be your nationality. Does not matter, This is enough that you are a devotee of Lord Jagannath. You want to be associated with promotion of on rich cultural heritage Odissi, Bharatnatyam, Manipuri, Kathak etc. and rich Tradition folk dances of Odisha. You want to be associated with philanthntric activities serving others, mostly under-privileged sections of people. You are interested in research on Jagannath Culture, you are not getting opportunity. You want to avail the services offered by the Mandir society celebrating for Social and family functions. You are an aspiring artist in classical form of Dance, but you are not getting right platform. You are guru on any classical form of dance, music and are interested to impart your teaching to interested pupils. You are aspiring to learn nuances of classical dance, specially Odissi, but are not getting right venue to learn.

You are cordially invited. This Mandir, Shri Jagannath Mandir offers you a lot. Please visit us and give an opportunity to serve you.


This Mandir is managed by a Society called Shri Jagannath Mandir and Odisha Arts & Cultural  Centre, New Delhi (Regd.) under the Society of Registration Act, 1860 in the year 1968.

The objectives of the Society are as follows :-

  • To work for development of social, culture and educational advancement of the members and of the general public.
  • To undertake activities for the persons who are less privileged and deprived section of the society
  • To organize different cultural functions/event for promotion of arts and culture of Odisha in the national capital, Delhi.
  • To organize health check-up camps, blood donation camps and good health awareness camps etc.
  • To organize various workshops for promotion of culture and competition among children for building good moral character and spiritual development.


Temple and the Infrastructure of the Premises

The Mandir has been built as per Odisha style of temple structure in the same design as of Shri Mandir in Puri. There is Simhadwar at the front of the temple with 22 number of steps called “Baishi pahacha” leading to Mukhashala. Chuturdha Deities (Shri Jagannath, Shri Balabhadra, Maa Subhadara and Shri Sudarshan) are installed inside Garbhagriha of the Mandir.

In the same floor of the Mandir, other Deities, namely, Lord Shiva, Navagraha, at the East, Lord Hanuman at South West, Maa Bimala at North West and Maa Laxmi at North East are installed inside Their respective small temples separately built for the Deities around the main Mandir of Lord Jagannath, In front of Mukha shala, there is a pillar called “Aruna stambha”built in marble stone facing the Chaturdha Deities. It is tradition that before entering the main temple each devotee touches/embraces Aruna stambha.

The Deities of many other gods and goddesses like Shri Baraha, Shri Narasimha and Shri Bamana etc. have been engraved  outside the structure of the main temple, making the structure to look beautiful and majestic.


The society has built 18 number of rooms with all modern house keeping facilities for comfortable stay of the pilgrims/guests/near relations of patients coming from far off places and being treated at AIIMS.


There are two large Prasad Halls and a small hall to serve anna Prasad to about 500 pilgrims/guest/visitors at one time. These halls are used for other purposes such as organizing social/family functions like marriage, marriage reception,Engagement ceremony, birthday party, brataghara, and other social and Family get-together functions.


In this Mandir, besides the daily ritual of cooking Prasad for the Lord, Prasad is also cooked for 300-400 persons daily. With the grace of Lord Jagannath and the sincre efforts in cooking prepared by the trained and experienced pujaries under utmost hygienic conditions, Anna Prasad served to the devotees/guests is appreciated for flavour and mique taste. Special items as paneer (Pressed Cheese) and combination of Seasonal vegetables are prepared as per the specific request made by the devotees/guests on bulk booking of such requests. Vyanjan Special items are Ghaanta, Aalu-potal rasaA,  Dahi-baigan, paneer, simla mirch-matar, Dkhoka Rassa, alu-gobi, panas, dahi-vada, etc………..

It is pertinent to mention that such tasty items are prepared strictly without application of rajasik ingredients like onion and garlic. All left over food items of the day are distributed among poor/needy.

The traditional sweets of Odisha, like, rasagolla, Chhena Poda, Pheni, Lavang lata, Gaja, Chum Chum, Chhena gaja (On special occasion) snacks like, alu-chop (alu-bonda), Singada (samaosa), vada, etc…. are prepared and served.

With very strict and rigorous supervision of the members of the Working Committee, the quality of Anna Prasad is never compromised. On daily basis about 300-400 devotees/visitors take Anna Prasad at the Prasad Hall of the temple. Bulk booking of anna Prasad is provided on request. The menu includes all delicious pakwans as served at Puri Shri Mandir with availability of seasonal vegetables. of Late the Management has started promoting and marketing of all prominent Odia sweets like rasagolla, Chhena-Podo, Pheni, Gaja etc. Deliciously prepared by trained poojaries of the temple. These snacks and sweets items prepared in The Mandir are being popular day by day.

With the sincere efforts of all temple staff and Working – Committee members Chhena poda, as prepared in the temple with its distinct flavour is gaining popularity in South Delhi and it is being made famous with its district name “Chhena-podo”. The temple is receiving specific orders for delivery of Chhena-Podo and rasagolla everyday. The Working Committee is also planning to popularize other odia delicious food items Pakhala by preparing   and serving in the temple.


The Society has been organizing cultural functions on various occasions throughout the  year with a view to provide a platform to the Gurus, artists to perform, and good opportunity to the audience to witness such cultural performance free of cost. The Society promotes the young and budding artists to perform and to develop their performing skills. All these activities have a good impact on the society as a whole and the general public to develop affinity and likeness for our great cultural heritage, which ultimately creates a strong bond and love for the country, nationalism and universal brotherhood.

During the recent past, since 2012, the Society has been intensively engaged in promoting the rich culture tradition of Odisha like classical dance form of Odissi, folk dances like Chhau, Sambalpuri, Paala, Daskathia etc which are being organised during 9 day celebration of Rath Yatra Mahotsav in June-July, Kartik Poornima Mahotsav (October-November), Masika Shri Jagannath Sanskrutika Samaroha (on every second Saturday of a month). The Society has now built a small auditorium like structure named as “Subhadra Kala Mandap” for organizing/staging such cultural programme within the Mandir premises of the Society. Any organisation interested to organise cultural event at the “Subhadra Kala Mandap”are also most welcome.


The Society has also a well-developed Library Hall with grand collection of religions books and is open for public for reference and research purpose. The Library Hall is also used for organising conferences, workshops with all modern facilities of slide projection etc.

The society has renovated two big Prasad hall for arranging marriage, engagement, and bratghar ceremonies with all sorts of sitting and dining facilities for about 200-300 guests in the Prasad halls.

One auditorium like structure named as Subhadra Kala Mandap with a comfortable sitting arrangement of about 200-250 audience was developed recently. All cultural festivals with limited audience are being organised here. This facility is also offered to other societies/organisation for arranging cultural or other social festivals in Subhadara Kala Mandap. The response of the public is very over whelming in availing such facilities.


Besides, the Society has also done a number of charitable activities like organizing weekly charitable health check-up camps on every Sunday by arranging free consultancy and distributing some medicine for free as received by way of donation to the needy persons availing the free service. The Society also arranges organizing blood donation camps in collaboration with Indian Red Cross and also help creating awareness on the importance of voluntary blood donation. The society also organizes bhandara and free serving of food (anna prasad)to the devotees on various religious festivals for all. On every Sunday poor and under privileged children of the nearby jhuggis are provided a free meal under a scheme called Narayan Seva . The society also sends relief materials like food packets, candle light, tripal etc for the victims of natural divoties like  flood, cyclone and earth qvake


The present Working Committee is fruiting under the Presidentship of Sh. Dilip Ray, former Union Minister of Coal & Mines, also at present Hon’ble MLA, Rourkela,  Odisha Vidhan Sabha, being aided by other two Vice-Presidents namely Shri D.N.Sahoo, a senior Central Govt officer and Dr. Nikhil Aggarwal, a well established industrialist and entrepreneur. The executive functions are being carried out by the General Secretary Er. K.D.Biswal, a Senior Civil Engineer working at AIIMS, New Delhi, and a prominent social worker of Delhi, with the assistance of the two Asst. Secretes, namely Smt. Kalpana Bhujabal, an activist for women causes and a social worker and Shri Pradyumna Palai. Shri Pravash Samal, has been managing the financial affairs of the society in his capacity as Treasurer with the able support and assistance of Shri Pradeep Pradhan, Asst. Treasurer of the Society.

There are other ten Working Committe members known as Convenors, who are Dr. Atulya Kr. Panda, Sh. Premanand Swain, Ms. Pranati Biswal, Sh. Mahendra Barick, Sh. Sushant Swain, Dr. Prakash Sarangi, Sh Sandeep Mohapatra, Sh. Nirmal Dhal, Sh. Akhya Biswal, Sh. Bijayananda Samal.