July 11, 2022 7:00 pm

Aadhar Pana


A day after Suna Besha when the sibling deities glittered in golden attire, huge pots filled with a sweet drink are carried onto the three chariots as offerings.

This interesting ritual of Adhara Pana, which literally translates as Adhara – Lip and Pana – Juice, is performed on Asadha Sukla Pakhya Dwadashi.

During the ritual, the terracotta pots are placed on each chariot parked near the Lion Gate’s of the 12th-century shrine. These reach up to the Lords’ lips.

As per the ritual, Pania Apata Sevakas will bring water from a well near Chhauni Matha near Singha Dwara in Puri. The Supakaras will prepare the Pana with milk cream, cheese, sugar, banana, camphor, nutmeg, black pepper and other such spices. The Patribadu, Suarabadu, Garabadu Palia Sevaka and Pujapanda Sevaka will offer the Pana to the Deities.

Aadhar Pana at 07:00 PM

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