March 13, 2022 6:00 am

Phagu Dashami marks the beginning of the Dol Purnima Holi festival in Odisha. Phagu Dashami 2022 Date is March 13. It is observed six days before the Purnima day (full moon day) in Falgun month as per traditional Oriya calendar. Dol Purnima, also known as Dolyatra or Doljatra, is the Holi festival in Odisha and is observed for more than 10 days. Dol Purnima is on March 17.

The festival celebrates the eternal love of Lord Krishna and Radha. From Phagu Dashami to Dol Purnima, the murtis of Lord Krishna and Radha are placed in swing and worshipped. The six-day festival is held in homes, temples and by spiritual organizations.

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