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March 30, 2025 12:00 am

Nabadina Puja Aarambha refers to the commencement of the nine-day long Puja (worship) associated with Lord Jagannath, which is observed with great devotion and rituals at various Jagannath Temples, particularly in Puri, Odisha. Here’s an overview of what Nabadina Puja Aarambha entails:

Meaning and Significance

  • Nabadina: In Odia, “Naba” means nine, and “Dina” means days. Hence, Nabadina refers to a period of nine days.
  • Puja Aarambha: This phrase translates to the beginning or commencement of the worship rituals.

Rituals and Observances

  1. Preparations: Before the commencement of Nabadina Puja, elaborate preparations are made at the Jagannath Temple. The temple premises are cleaned and decorated beautifully.
  2. Invocation: The priests perform special rituals and invocations (Avahana) to invite the divine presence of Lord Jagannath, Lord Balabhadra, and Goddess Subhadra into the sanctum sanctorum of the temple.
  3. Daily Worship: Throughout the nine days of Nabadina Puja, the deities are worshipped with various offerings such as flowers, fruits, sweets, and incense. Special prayers and hymns are recited by the priests to seek blessings for devotees and the community.
  4. Devotee Participation: Devotees visit the temple in large numbers to witness the rituals and offer their prayers during this auspicious period. They seek blessings and spiritual fulfillment from Lord Jagannath, who is considered the supreme deity and the lord of the universe.
  5. Cultural Programs: Cultural programs such as traditional music, dance performances, and spiritual discourses may also be organized during Nabadina Puja to enrich the spiritual and cultural experience of devotees.

Spiritual Significance

  • Renewal and Devotion: Nabadina Puja signifies renewal and rejuvenation of spiritual energies among devotees. It deepens their devotion towards Lord Jagannath and strengthens their faith in his divine grace.
  • Community Bonding: The festival fosters a sense of unity and camaraderie among devotees who come together to celebrate the divine presence of Lord Jagannath. It promotes social harmony and mutual respect.
  • Tradition and Heritage: Nabadina Puja preserves and promotes the rich cultural heritage of Odisha, showcasing the traditional rituals and customs associated with the worship of Lord Jagannath.


Nabadina Puja Aarambha marks the beginning of nine days of worship dedicated to Lord Jagannath and his divine siblings. It is a time of profound spiritual significance, cultural celebration, and communal harmony. The rituals and observances during Nabadina Puja reinforce the timeless bond between devotees and Lord Jagannath, making it a cherished festival in the hearts of millions of people, especially in Odisha where devotion to Jagannath is deeply ingrained in the culture and tradition.



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